September 2017

Des Parents Anxieux = Des Enfants Anxieux


Les études ont montré que les parents anxieux ont sept plus de chances d’avoir des enfants anxieux. La combinaison de facteurs héréditaires (gènes) et de facteurs environnementaux (les modèles comportementaux des parents) augmente la possibilité pour les enfants de développer des traits de personnalité anxieux. De plus, les enfants perçoivent et intériorisent les comportements anxieux [...]

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When anxiety is good!


Although it is very common to experience anxiety during exam period, a recent study has shown that anxiety could be associated with higher marks if the working memory is good as anxiety motivates kids to work more. Clearly, anxiety could have a negative effect on marks when the child is having difficulty memorising or remembering [...]

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Anxiety ruins childhood!


According to researchers, anxious children are more likely to be submissive and therefore their worries tend to be overlooked.  As such, parents should be attentive to their kids’ worries, create a list of their worries, observe their kids’ behavior in social situations; i.e. parties, pool, play grounds, and understand their kids’ anxiety rather than ignoring [...]

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Help children process the news of a divorce! Part #I


Children have different reactions to their parents’ separation, which is in accordance with their developmental stage. Pre-schoolers may cry, ignore the news, pretend they haven’t heard anything and ask for permission to go play, or show no emotion at all. But, no matter what their initial reaction to the big new is, it does not [...]

Help children process the news of a divorce! Part #I2020-05-29T10:04:26-04:00
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