If you are looking for a child psychologist for your kid, you may consider art therapy beforehand. An art therapist, specialised in working with children, can help your kid re-experience his/her daily problems and issues through the help of art activities, play, story-telling, role-play with poppets, etc. In most of the cases, your kid does not require to be diagnosed but needs to be given the time and space to explore his/her world, experiences, memories, fears, anxieties, and disabilities in a safe place and with her/his own pace. Although an art therapist is not entitled to diagnose, she is competent in working with your kid to discharge his/her fears, anxieties, sadness, depression, identity issues, anger issues, frustrations and disappointments. Therefore, in a more than relaxed space with no pressure of being labeled, the kid has enough time to process and explore self.

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