Have you ever wished you hadn’t done what you done? Or said what you said?The reality is that, mistakes happen! What is important is that you do not lose control of the situation. Be creative in finding a new way to approach your problems, in turning your mistakes into something more positive.

An activity, which will help you practice the aforementioned mindset, is to draw a Zentangle. When you first see a Zentangle, it looks very complicated. However, the theory of Zentangles is based on the idea that anything is possible; but one step at a time.

Zentangles teach you a way of thinking through drawing; that everything is possible, only if you take one step at a time. Practice this way of thinking and apply it to your life experiences.Step 3

Follow these instructions to draw your own Zentangle:

1.    On a piece of paper, draw four dots at each corner of the paper.

2.    Connect the dots anyway you want. You can draw straight or wavy lines.

3.    Now draw lines within your shape. This way you will have sections within your shape.

4.    Choose a tangle to fill out one section. And a different tangle to fill out another section, and so on.

5.    Now, look at what you have created. You did everything one step at a time.

Step 1 Step 2







Remember! Life does not have an eraser; neither do you for this activity.

By: Reyhane Namdari/ Art Therapist