Recent studies on children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have revealed that seventy percent of children with ASD between the ages of 10 and 14 have also been diagnosed with another disorder, anxiety related disorders are named as the most common one!

Behavioral therapists working with kids with ASD admit that anxiety is an inevitable factor of lives of kids and teenagers with ASD. However, studies have shown that combining behavioral and art therapy techniques with kids with developmental disabilities and autistic traits, will improve communication skills and will increase interpersonal interaction in them; which results in reducing social anxiety. Therapy serves as an outlet to express emotions and thoughts, and also helps kids with ASD to make sense out of daily events. With the focus on increasing solution-making and socialization skills in kids with ASD, therapy prepares the kids to enter the society, school setting, community centers, and also improves their interpersonal skills with family and friends.

Kids with ASD have a harder time expressing their worries and anxieties to parents and teachers but it does not mean they do not feel any pressure. Be attentive to nonverbal cues and their body language. Kids with ASD, who are also anxious, frequently bite nails, move their legs, rub their hands, or create repetitive movements (verbal or nonverbal) to calm themselves down.

Art Therapy is a reliable method to reduce their anxiety! Call us today!

By: Reyhane Namdari/ Art Therapist