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March 2024

Mental Health Services for Foster Children in Montreal


Foster children in Montreal, like in many other urban areas, face a range of mental health challenges. Some of these challenges may include attachment disorders, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), behavioral issues, and a heightened sense of instability due to frequent placement changes. Traumatic experiences, such as neglect, abuse, or removal from their biological [...]

Mental Health Services for Foster Children in Montreal2024-03-11T19:16:12-04:00

October 2023


What are the benefits for art therapy for college/university students? Art therapy has been recognized for its therapeutic potential across various age groups and settings, and college and university students are no exception. The academic environment can be highly stressful due to academic pressures, social challenges, financial concerns, and other issues. Art therapy offers multiple [...]


December 2022

October 2022

Art Therapy for Grief


What is grief? Grief is a strong emotional response that people who have experienced loss suffer constantly from its associated negative effects. Anyone can experience grief at any point in their life and that is why it is important to understand grief before it worsens into other mental health problems like severe depression or addiction. [...]

Art Therapy for Grief2022-10-21T10:43:10-04:00

July 2022

Free Art Therapy for Indigenous Children and Youth in Montreal and Quebec


What is art therapy? Art therapy is a modality, in which art and psychology are combine to address the presenting emotional and behavioral difficulties. The focus of art therapy sessions is often on exploring emotions, thoughts, and behaviors from a symbolic way, in which clients are not obliged to verbalize their thoughts or how they [...]

Free Art Therapy for Indigenous Children and Youth in Montreal and Quebec2022-07-18T11:17:35-04:00

June 2022

How can art therapy heal trauma?


Art therapy and Trauma-informed art therapy Art therapy is a combination of psychological approaches and art to address psychological, psycho-social, emotional, and behavioral issues. The goal of art therapy sessions is often to improve the individual’s overall well-being and reduce the negative symptoms of disorders. According to the American Art Therapy Association, “art therapy is [...]

How can art therapy heal trauma?2022-06-23T14:45:45-04:00
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