October 2023


What are the benefits for art therapy for college/university students? Art therapy has been recognized for its therapeutic potential across various age groups and settings, and college and university students are no exception. The academic environment can be highly stressful due to academic pressures, social challenges, financial concerns, and other issues. Art therapy offers multiple [...]


July 2022

Free Art Therapy for Indigenous Children and Youth in Montreal and Quebec


What is art therapy? Art therapy is a modality, in which art and psychology are combine to address the presenting emotional and behavioral difficulties. The focus of art therapy sessions is often on exploring emotions, thoughts, and behaviors from a symbolic way, in which clients are not obliged to verbalize their thoughts or how they [...]

Free Art Therapy for Indigenous Children and Youth in Montreal and Quebec2022-07-18T11:17:35-04:00

May 2020

Five Common Myths about Online therapy with Children


Many parents, who had children in therapy, decided to postpone therapy sessions until they could see the therapist in-person. While their hesitation to have online therapy for their child is absolutely comprehendible, this article tends to provide some clarification on the general believes that online therapy may not be as effective for children. Let's remind [...]

Five Common Myths about Online therapy with Children2022-09-26T20:29:43-04:00

October 2018

When art therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) go hand-in-hand!


Children do not come to therapy out of free will! They are there because someone else [be a parent, a teacher, or an educator] have found an “issue” with their behavior. Moreover, they often do not know the reason behind their anxiety or anger episodes, their lack of motivation in doing homework, or lack of [...]

When art therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) go hand-in-hand!2022-07-18T11:24:25-04:00

October 2017

Childhood Trauma: Physical and psychological pain


Childhood is an important period of time for human beings. Exposure to traumatic experiences during this time can have negative lifetime effects on children’s mental health. While one may think of trauma as any sort of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), neglect (emotional and physical), domestic violence or parental incarceration, researchers have indicated peer/sibling assault, bullying, [...]

Childhood Trauma: Physical and psychological pain2017-11-11T17:46:49-05:00

From Montreal to Toronto: Art therapy heals


We are extremely excited to announce that Montreal Art Therapy is coming to Toronto to offer therapy services to children and adolescents in Yorkville, Toronto. We will be offering art therapy and behavioral therapy to children aged 3-12 and art therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy to adolescents and young adults. Our office is just steps from [...]

From Montreal to Toronto: Art therapy heals2017-10-25T00:28:45-04:00

September 2017

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for kids


  Practice-base studies show that cognitive-behavioral techniques are effective in the treatment of children's mental health problems such as depression, generalized anxiety, school refusal, social phobias, specific phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma and sexual abuse, and eating disorders. Two phases of CBT treatment in children includes: 1) Psycho-education, where children learn to [...]

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for kids2022-05-24T07:38:04-04:00

When anxiety is good!


Although it is very common to experience anxiety during exam period, a recent study has shown that anxiety could be associated with higher marks if the working memory is good as anxiety motivates kids to work more. Clearly, anxiety could have a negative effect on marks when the child is having difficulty memorising or remembering [...]

When anxiety is good!2022-05-24T07:32:07-04:00

July 2013

Des Parents Anxieux = Des Enfants Anxieux


Les études ont montré que les parents anxieux ont sept plus de chances d’avoir des enfants anxieux. La combinaison de facteurs héréditaires (gènes) et de facteurs environnementaux (les modèles comportementaux des parents) augmente la possibilité pour les enfants de développer des traits de personnalité anxieux. De plus, les enfants perçoivent et intériorisent les comportements anxieux [...]

Des Parents Anxieux = Des Enfants Anxieux2022-05-24T07:20:00-04:00

May 2013



Mindfulness is a state of mind where the focus on the bodily sensations is at its highest peak. A mindful person is aware of how his/her body is reacting to the anxiety provoking thoughts and symptoms of anxiety. In the practice of mindful art therapy one practices to be present and remain present to face [...]

MINDFULNESS-BASED ART THERAPY2017-07-10T16:03:14-04:00
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