Childhood is an important period of time for human beings. Exposure to traumatic experiences during this time can have negative lifetime effects on children’s mental health. While one may think of trauma as any sort of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), neglect (emotional and physical), domestic violence or parental incarceration, researchers have indicated peer/sibling assault, bullying, nonsexual assault and witnessing any of the above-mentioned as traumatic experiences as well. Recent studies have found a strong association between adverse childhood experiences and future anxiety disorders, depression, alcohol and substance abuse, suicidal ideation, anger/aggression, and delinquent behavior.

The good news is that early interventions can reduce, if not eliminate, the greater symptoms of trauma. Art therapy and play therapy for children provide an appropriate therapeutic setting for kids to express their trauma-related emotions, re-play the events and make sense out of them. Cognitive behavior therapy for children and adolescents can also help reduce the maladaptive thought patterns related to the negative events. Our art therapists and behavioral therapists in West Island (Montreal) and Yorkville (Toronto) are specialized in working with kids who have experienced early childhood traumas. Visit our website at or call us at 514-999-3414 or obtain more information about our services.


Author: Reyhane Namdari