If you are a college or university student, did you ever experience stress-related somatic problems, lack of concentration and focus, lack of motivation, insomnia, excessive worrying, or negative self-talk (e.g., I don’t get this, I shouldn’t have applied to this program, I’m not as smart as other students)? Well, the good news is that you are not alone. Many college and university students experience these symptoms as a result of excessive and continuous stress during the academic year.

September through May might not be a significant time for many, but for college and university students it’s a beginning of a new academic year, which means countless hours at the library and in front of computers, presentations, exams, assignments, internship and practicum, and for some it means graduation and having to apply for a job. While stress, lack of sleep, bad diet, anxiety, and pressure to keep up with class average are inevitable during this period, they could negatively affect the quality of life of students.

Visiting a therapist during the school year can help reduce the stress by identifying the triggers, developing skills such as time management and organizational skills, finding a balance between “down time” and “study time”, and learning to adjust to the new routine. At Montreal Art Therapy Centre, we offer individual and group sessions to students to provide support during the school year. With our offices in Montreal, West Island, and Brossard, and with weekday and weekends appointments, we do our best to offer flexible hours to college and university students.

To obtain more information on our student fee, please contact us via email at info@montrealarttherapy.com, or by phone at 514-999-3414 or contact us on our Instagram or facebook page.


By: Reyhane Namdari