Let’s reflect on your past year: How many phone calls did you have from your son’s school? How many behavioral notes were written in your daughter’s agenda? How many parent-teacher meetings did not go your ideal way?

For most parents, it is difficult to admit that their child may need therapy for their behavioral problems. Signs that your child might benefit from art and play therapy or behavioral therapy include: excessive crying, difficulty following rules, lack of concentration, insomnia, sibling rivalry, anger and aggressive behavior, change in appetite, excessive worrying, isolation, difficulty maintaining friendships, lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, change in academic functioning, negative attitude towards parents, friends or life in general. Some of these symptoms could be presented simultaneously.

Our child therapists evaluate the behaviors and target the presenting problems in a few sessions. While parents’ participation in therapy is required, our behavioral therapists believe that children’s involvement is eminent; it’s through expressive arts and behavioral therapy that they find alternative ways of thinking and learn new behaviors.

The truth is that having a behavioral therapist for your child increases the quality time that you can spend together. You can read together, play, and do fun activities rather than spending hours to yell, discipline, and think of innovative punishments.

If you are contemplating on seeking professional help, visit us at www.montrealarttherapy.com and talk to one of our child therapists.


By: Reyhane Namdari