What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a modality, in which art and psychology are combine to address the presenting emotional and behavioral difficulties. The focus of art therapy sessions is often on exploring emotions, thoughts, and behaviors from a symbolic way, in which clients are not obliged to verbalize their thoughts or how they are feeling; rather, they will be guided to explore how their thoughts and emotions are impacting their day to day behavior.

In this approach to therapy, clients are walked through their worries, fears, and distress in order to find the light at the end of the tunnel and regain their inner peace. Art therapy is beneficial for children, teenagers, adults and families.

How can Indigenous children benefit from art therapy?

Are you feeling anxious? Has your child experienced trauma? Is your teenager feeling depressed?

Indigenous children and youth can benefit from art therapy as it is a non-threatening, non-verbal approach, in which clients are encouraged to describe themselves, their family dynamic, their interpersonal difficulties, their fears, worries, and anxiety through the lens of an artistic work. In an art therapy session, children can make sense out of unexpected life events such as sudden death of a loved one or parents’ separation with art and play.

Moreover, self-image and body issues can be explored in a less intimidating manner, where clients will be given the opportunity to illustrate their issues rather than verbalizing them.

Finally, self-esteem and self-confidence, emotion regulation and task management skills will be improved with the individualized art therapy interventions.

teepee and blue sky

Are you looking for online or in person art therapy in Montreal?

Montreal Art Therapy Centre has been collaborating and working with the Cree Health Board, First Nations communities across Northern Quebec, as well as the Mohawk communities in Montreal.

We provide in person art therapy sessions in Montreal, Pointe-Claire, and Brossard. We also provide online art therapy sessions to clients, who cannot travel to the offices. Moreover, our art therapists provide online art therapy to children and youth in the First Nations communities, where travelling may be a limitation. We also offer are therapy visits to communities upon the request of the local directors of communities.

How to get free art therapy services in Montreal?

Indigenous children and youth under the age of 18 can get free art therapy services by registering for the government fund for mental health services. You or your legal caregiver can fill out the request for the mental health services by submitting an invoice and a letter of support from a professional who can attest to the needs of the child/youth. To find out of your eligibility, please visit this website.

For any further questions, email us at info@montrealarttherapy.com or call us at 514-999-3414.