ADHD and art therapyA recent study has revealed that the number of children diagnosed with ADHD in France (less than 5% of school-ages children) is remarkably lower than the number of children diagnosed with this disorder in the North America (up to 12% of school-aged children). While North American child psychiatrists perceive ADHD a medical condition that can only be controlled by pharmaceutical drugs, French child psychiatrists perceive ADHD as a medical condition, which has underlying psycho-social causes. As such, discovering and treating the underlying social problems is crucial prior to a diagnosis.According to French child psychiatrists, setting clear boundaries, establishing a structured lifestyle, and saying “No” to the child is crucial in teaching them self-control and consequently, reduces the disturbing behaviours associated with ADHD. If you have a kid who has been diagnosed with ADHD, think about what else could be changed in his/her environment to reduce the disturbing behaviour? Seek help from an expert in working with kids to help you identify what needs to be changed.

By:Reyhane Namdari/ Art Therapist