Change is an inevitable part of our lives! While some kids embrace change, others find it challenging. One of the changes that kids have to face every year is having a new teacher. For kids, who have a slower pace in bonding with new people, going back to school and not knowing what to expect can be an additional stressor. Parents can help reduce the stress by taking simple steps such as:


  • Volunteering to help the teacher before or after school with their child to help him/her have conversations with the teacher about their “favorites”, i.e, jokes, movies, and superheroes.
  • Asking your child what they like about the new teacher. Help them focus on what they like and what goes well in class instead of what they don’t like.
  • Calming down their fear of “not being liked”. Many kids are afraid that the new teacher might not like them. Remind them of their positive qualities and ask them to repeat this to themselves.

A positive bond between the teacher and your kid leads to a more favorable school perception, increased school performance, and lower levels of school avoidance.

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By: Reyhane Namdari/ Art therapist