Students experience a high level of stress during the course of their studies. Long (and never ending) assignments, double-exams in one day, numerous chapters to read, and preparation for oral presentation can all be stressful. High levels of stress have been identified to have negative impact on students’ psychological and physical well-being and interfere with learning and scholastic performance.

Many researchers have studied the effectiveness of mindfulness training and exercises in students and almost all of them have concluded that mindfulness-based interventions decrease stress, anxiety, and depression and improve attention and focus, mood, self-efficacy, sleep, and empathy in students. Moreover, acquiring certain skills such as time management, stress management, task prioritization, emotion regulation, and balancing social life and school life can improve students’ well-being.

Our art therapists in Montreal, use mindfulness-based art therapy interventions to help clients ground themselves. Used in a meditative way, art therapy interventions help client be in the present moment, let go of the anxiety-provoking thoughts, and improve self-acceptance. The art therapist can help guide the session by doing positive visualization providing affirmation.

Group art therapy for students can be very helpful too as the students, who share similar stressors and tension, can work as a group to distress. Sharing their thoughts and feelings in the group would also be a way of creating connections, which is therapeutic in its own way.

In sum, mindfulness can be relatively easily adapted and integrated into students’ life style. Our art therapists can help students learn more about self-help strategies. For further information about our art therapy services for students, please visit or email us at