If you’re the parent of a defiant child, you are probably tired of the daily notes you receive regarding your child’s misbehaviour at daycare, kindergarten, or school! You have probably felt frustrated, angry, fearful, or embarrassed when your kid is out of control and throws a tantrum at the mall, movies, or a family friend’s house!

While it’s not easy to manage a difficult kid, the following points provides a better understanding of the reasons for such behavior:

  • Lack of control can be frustrating. Young kids do not have the power or the say in most of their daily activities. To be fair, parents and instructors decide, if not dictate, everything. Giving your kid a sense of control over small daily matters, such as the color of the clothes he wants to wear or choosing the fruit for their snack, can reduce this frustration.
  • Lack of communication skills can also be frustrating. Young kids do not have access to a broad vocabulary. As such, articulating their needs and expressing their feelings is, at times, more difficult than what adults would imagine. Modeling these skills can help reduce their frustration.

While our Montreal art therapists do not overrule the role of nature in kids with difficult personalities, they provide age-appropriate tools to kids to help them develop skills to better express themselves. Moreover, our behavioral therapists in Montreal provide strategies to parents to better deal with their defiant kid.

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By: Reyhane Namdari/ Art Therapist