If you are a parent of a teenager, there is a high chance that the following scenarios are familiar to you:

  • When your teenager gives you attitude over everything!
  • When your teenager is in constant battle with you and refuses to do what you ask
  • When you lose count of the number of times that your teenager says, “You don’t get it”!
  • When you walk on eggshells around him/her only to reduce screams, cries, and door slamming.

Our behavioral therapists in Montreal suggest the following tips to improve parent-teen relationships:

  • Don’t take their insults personally; this will allow you to remain calm, think rationally, and respond accordingly.
  • Set proper boundaries and respect boundaries; boundaries that are too loose or too rigid are problematic in nature. Re-evaluate the boundaries as your kid becomes a teenager.
  • Make your expectations clear. Don’t expect that your teenager should know better. Teenagers act like they know it all! But the reality is that they don’t.
  • Praise their right acts! Behind every angry teenager lies a kid, who is struggling with self-confidence. While they will never admit to it, they long their parents’ attention, approval, and admiration.

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