Art Therapy at Schools


School-aged children can greatly benefit from our art therapy services in Montreal, West Island, and Brossard. Whether the child is having difficulty getting along with classmates, following rules and instructions, making friends and maintaining friendships, or is having self-esteem, self-confidence or self-image issues, our art therapists can develop a personalized treatment plan to address the child’s needs.

Our child therapists at Montreal Art Therapy Centre are trained in working along side schools (with teachers, school psychologists/ counsellors, and psycho-educators) to help the child thrive, emotionally and academically, at a young age.

Regardless of the diagnosis, the goal of our therapy sessions for children is to help them learn emotional regulation skills and cope better with overwhelming emotions and situations.

Our art therapy services in Montreal, West Island, and Brossard are beneficial for: Test anxiety, Bullies/ Bully victims, Depression, General anxiety disorder, Bed wetting, Social skills, Anger management, Sibling conflicts, School refusal behaviour, Loss, Fears and Phobias, Immigration, Timidity, and etc.

To book an appointment or to find out whether your child would benefit from art therapy, contact us here.