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Are you looking for a therapist in Montreal?

As we are getting closer to the end of the year, most of us review the year that passed… a mixture of feelings overcome us as the good and bad passes in front of our eyes. The last days of December is the best time to make plans for the new beginnings, for self-improvement, and self-awareness. One way to become more aware of how our flaws take the best of us, how overwhelming situations paralyses us, and how conflictual relationships impacts our productivity is to speak to a therapist.

Our therapists in Montreal, Pointe-Claire, and Brossard are available to meet with you in person. You can meet with a therapist at one of our locations to discuss your goals for therapy, understand how therapeutic tools can help you, and to come up with a plan to work towards self-improvement in the new year.

If you have a busy life style and between your full-time job, your children’s sports practices, and friends’ social gatherings you can’t find the time to schedule an in person therapy session, our therapists also offer online therapy sessions in  Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi (Persian), English, and French,. Our flexible and affordable online mental health services is best for busy adults, working parents, overwhelmed students, and emotional children and teenagers.

Why most people look for therapy in the new year?

While there is no scientific answer to this question, we think that with every new beginning comes new motivations and goals. Many of us start reviewing our life (job, relationships with self and others, friendships), decisions, and experiences and we aim at bettering ourselves in the upcoming year.

According to Maslow’s theory of self-actualization, human beings’ are motivated to fulfill their potential in life. This potential differs from one person to another; for one person, fulfilling physiological needs is of utmost importance and for another, the need for love/belonging is the number one goal. If you look around in your social circle, you will see every colleague, neighbour, friend of yours sets a different resolution in the beginning of the new year. This is in an attempt to better themselves. In other words, to be a better version of themselves in the new year.

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Why is finding a therapist who speaks your language is important?

Language is an important factor in building a therapeutic alliance in therapy sessions. Being able to express yourself well and understanding your therapist’s comments greatly impacts the level of trust and understanding in a therapeutic session as well.

While in an art therapy session language barrier is reduced because of the use of a universal language of art, it is still important for the therapist and the client to be able to communicate the process of art making, the emotions that were provoked during this process and the thoughts associated with it in a clear way.

At Montreal Art Therapy Centre, we offer mental health services in Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, Mandarin as well as English and French. Our therapists are also trained in using a culturally sensitive lens in working with clients from different cultures, either through intensive training, being from the minority culture, or having lived extensively in the minority culture.

You can read about our therapists’ diverse background and experiences here.

If you or your loved one is looking for a therapist, contact us to find out about our availability in Montreal, Brossard, and Pointe-Claire.