March 2024

Mental Health Services for Foster Children in Montreal


Foster children in Montreal, like in many other urban areas, face a range of mental health challenges. Some of these challenges may include attachment disorders, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), behavioral issues, and a heightened sense of instability due to frequent placement changes. Traumatic experiences, such as neglect, abuse, or removal from their biological [...]

Mental Health Services for Foster Children in Montreal2024-03-11T19:16:12-04:00

August 2020

Art Therapy for People on the Autism Spectrum (ASD)


  Art helps people communicate ideas and creating art with people allows a glimpse of their inner world. Art therapy can be very beneficial for people with Autism for creating art helps them relate to objects and practice communicating in a way that challenges them but is not overwhelming. For individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder [...]

Art Therapy for People on the Autism Spectrum (ASD)2020-08-16T13:34:03-04:00

March 2020

Improving Social Problem Solving Skills in Children


  Problem-solving skills are one of the most important life skills that children need to develop. The use of these skills is evident in children’s play, math and science performance, social interactions, etc. Certain characteristics will interfere with the development of these necessary skill. Among them are lack of self-esteem, self-confidence, shyness and inhibition, anxiety, [...]

Improving Social Problem Solving Skills in Children2020-03-01T21:29:04-05:00

January 2019

ADHD and Student Life!


To be stressed out and feel that there is never enough time to do all the assignments and readings, not missing classes, and maintain a good enough average are all normal parts of a university student’s life. But when lack of time management and organizational skills are added to this combination, it sometimes feels impossible [...]

ADHD and Student Life!2019-01-21T11:36:13-05:00

November 2017

Have a child with special needs? You are not alone!


Just how the family influences a child’s development, the child also has an impact on his/her family. Now, a child with a disability has a special effect on his/her family, as the disability can become a source of stress for the parents, siblings, and the family in general. In such moments, consistent parenting and remaining [...]

Have a child with special needs? You are not alone!2022-11-03T16:23:02-04:00

October 2017

Childhood Trauma: Physical and psychological pain


Childhood is an important period of time for human beings. Exposure to traumatic experiences during this time can have negative lifetime effects on children’s mental health. While one may think of trauma as any sort of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), neglect (emotional and physical), domestic violence or parental incarceration, researchers have indicated peer/sibling assault, bullying, [...]

Childhood Trauma: Physical and psychological pain2017-11-11T17:46:49-05:00

March 2013

About Art Therapist


As an art therapist, I provide therapy services for children with special needs (Autism, Down Syndrome, vision/hearing impaired, developmental disabilities, etc), as well as children, adolescents, adults, and seniors in Montreal, Laval, West Island, LaSalle, Lachine, and Brossard. With art therapy, I help the clients reestablish connection with their creative minds to cope with their [...]

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What is art therapy?


Art therapy refers to the use of visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, and others forms of art) and creativity in the process of counselling or psychotherapy. This technique may be used to improve mental health and psychological distress, and physical and emotional well-being. Art therapy enables individuals to develop the organisation of their psychological and [...]

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