May 2013

Art Therapy and Problem-Solving


Have you ever wished you hadn’t done what you done? Or said what you said?The reality is that, mistakes happen! What is important is that you do not lose control of the situation. Be creative in finding a new way to approach your problems, in turning your mistakes into something more positive. An activity, which [...]

Art Therapy and Problem-Solving2017-07-10T16:00:58-04:00



Mindfulness is a state of mind where the focus on the bodily sensations is at its highest peak. A mindful person is aware of how his/her body is reacting to the anxiety provoking thoughts and symptoms of anxiety. In the practice of mindful art therapy one practices to be present and remain present to face [...]

MINDFULNESS-BASED ART THERAPY2017-07-10T16:03:14-04:00
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