Anger is a common and universal emotion, which is often referred to as a secondary emotion, because it serves to protect us from other vulnerable feelings. Clinicians and researchers believe that anger covers a primary emotion such as sadness, fear, or anxiety.

Our behavioral therapists also believe that children and adolescents with anger issues are most probably dealing with a primary uncomfortable emotion (sadness, fear, anxiety). As such, our individual art therapy sessions for children are aimed to provide an outlet to explore emotions, gain a sense of control over emotions, and learn not to avoid the uncomfortable feelings.

Evidence-based research supports the competence of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) in addressing anger issues in adolescents. It’s also believed that combing CBT and mindfulness exercises increase the results of anger management therapy. Our anger management groups for teenagers in Montreal and Pointe-Claire have been tailored to combine CBT, mindfulness exercises , and art therapy techniques to provide a unique opportunity for adolescents to identify the negative thought patterns and anger triggers, learn how to challenge them, recognize the physical sensation of anger in their body, learn to accept thoughts and feelings, and use nonverbal techniques to explore and express emotions.

To obtain further information on our individual and group anger management sessions, contact us at or at 514-999-3414.


By: Reyhane Namdari